Yard Makeover~ Green House~

Yard Makeover~ Green House~ #1
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TitleYard Makeover~ Green House~
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We finally did our YARD MAKEOVER and What a lot of work that was. l took out our grown boxes (they were falling apart) and moved them away from the vines, then put in some sod. l put a greenhouse together and put it in a corner that was never used, now we can play volleyball and plenty of room for our 28 grandkids to run around! Go to the end of the movie for pictures and original song! Too much fun and Remember to "Look for the Rose amongst the thorns" Thanks for watching! Here is where you can buy my book, or and eBook [[link stripped - click to show]] Here are some past videos on Vimeo, l hope you enjoy them too [[link stripped]] [[link stripped]] Here are books about Papa o's life [[link stripped]] Here is where you can get Davey's book, [[link stripped]] You can get my baby bows here :[[link stripped]] dixiedreamin88 Oh for those of you who don't know, Momma O wrote a book called,Mom! I'm Home! By Rosanne Buhler Orgill! It is a great book on how to raise your children! I am reading it, then my sons will read it,and they will have a great guide on how to raise their children.(My oldest son, is planning a family in the near future.:)) This book will help them out a lot I'm sure. [[link stripped]] My books [[link stripped]] [[link stripped]] or look here: [[link stripped]] [[link stripped]] [[link stripped]] [[link stripped]] [[link stripped]] [[link stripped]] Here is where you can buy my songs on iTunes: Available on iTunes. Open the iTunes app on your computer or your smart phone. Click Store, then in search box, type POLLYANNA or pollyanna. Pollyanna's singles will appear, and below that, is the Pollyanna's album. lf you want to send me anything, Davey said you could send them to him and he will give it to me on Sundays. thanks April & Davey Orgill P.O. Box 672, Lehi, Utah 84043-0672

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